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Adrian Sassoon at Parham, Issue One | A House of History

Published on May 25, 2021

Blown Away Vase; Collision of Particles, (2008)

Hand-built stoneware H56cm (22")

Dynamic Structures: Painted Vessels

National Museum Cardiff, Wales,

in association with Adrian Sassoon

Curator: Andrew Renton


Major Retrospective

Ahead of their time - REVIEW


Elizabeth Fritsch at the

Fine Art Society, London

November 2008

Curator: Joanna Bird

Andrew Lambirth (Author)



Elizabeth Fritsch: Vessels from Another World

Metaphysical Pots in Painted Stoneware

Northern Centre for the Contemporary Arts, Sunderland, travelling to Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cardiff, London, Norwich, UK

Paperback by Edward Lucie-Smith (Author)


1987 The Stamp of Fame, Fischer Fine Art, London - chosen for Bernard Leach Centenary

Post Office Stamp issue with Hans Coper and Lucie Rie


Elizabeth Fritsch

Pots about Music

British touring exhibition - Published by Glasgow. Leeds Art Galleries, 1978

Leeds Art Galleries, that also traveled to Glasgow, Bristol, Gateshead and Bolton in 1978-79.

Essays by David Queensberry, Elizabeth Fritsch

(Pots About Music), Alison Britton, and Ian Bennett.